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allnex has become the leader in all types of industrial, architectural and agricultural coating resins. Our products are globally available and found in home appliances, bridges, packaging, planes and so much more. allnex has grown to become the clear industry leader, with an unrivalled range of products and technologies. This is due to the hard work and dedication of over 4000 employees across over 40 countries. We guarantee our expert staff can help you find the best solution to make your business more competitive.

Modern problems require modern solutions and out portfolio is constantly evolving. We have 33 manufacturing facilities, 23 research & development facilities and multiple joint ventures around the world. With a truly global presence, we are fully able to not only adhere to, but also exceed rules and regulations in any region. In recent years we have had a strong focus on improving our range of environmentally friendly products and this is one of the main factors leading to the development of low gloss powder coating resins.

Our range of polyester resins for powder coatings reduce the impact on the environment, whilst still maintaining the highest quality end product. You can expect a finish with no craters, fish-eyes or orange peel texture. We guarantee you gloss control with confidence, and you can order your free sample today.


Talk to our experts or use the contact form below and discover which low gloss powder coating resin can solve your unique challenges.

Green Technologies

The low gloss powder coating polyester resins range are is one of our latest examples of creating new greener technologies. This means substituting substances that have a high impact on the environment, producing products that have lower energy consumption and improving the longevity on the products they are used on. In the long term this also has the advantage of helping to save your business money and making you a more competitive player in your industry.

Powder coatings are applied electrostatically and the process releases little or no VOCs. We have both standard durable and super durable options, perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is also possible to collect excess powder to be re-used in future. Not only does this save you money but helps minimize product waste and pollution. Our goal is to help you find affordable and environmentally friendly products to solve whatever unique challenges you face. Below are some of the main benefits of low gloss powder coating resins:

Less impact on the environment

Longevity with a high-quality finish

High heat and chemical resistance

Re-usable excess powder and less waste

Meet our team

Low gloss powder coating resins team

With such a vast range of products across so many different industries and application possibilities, it can be challenging to find the perfect product. That’s why we have a dedicated team with decades of experience to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The people behind allnex are the key to its success and the team at low gloss powder coating resins are ready to help.

Let us know what specific challenges you face, and we will find the best solution. We have many combinations of technologies for all global regions, gloss levels and matting technologies. Inform us of exactly what application purpose you need, and we will send you a free sample so you can see the level of quality for yourself.

Meet our expert

Uwe Erwin Kubillus

With over 35 years’ experience in various coatings technologies, Uwe is the perfect man to help you find exactly what you are looking for. He has a broad experience in powder coatings’ many applications and an extensive knowledge of the requirements and regulations in Asia, EMEA and the US. Uwe currently serves as the senior technical service and development manager for the whole powder coating resins section of allnex.

Contact Uwe directly and he can help you find the perfect solution for your business application. We believe our low gloss powder coatings are the best in the industry. So as soon as Uwe helps you narrow down your options, we will send you your free sample.

Uwe Erwin Kubillus